A good interpreter has to be fluent in at least two languages, able to work under stress, understand cultural differences, observant to the clients' needs and adaptable to different environments. These qualities can only be developed through years of hands-on practice and cannot be proven with just a certificate.

PITT's team of interpreters can perform a wide spectrum of tasks from international conferences, business negotiation, market research, technical discussions, ceremonies to personal assistance. We communicate for you as effectively as if you were speaking the language yourself.


Simultaneous interpreting is considered the most challenging form of interpreting. The standard setting is a team of two interpreters sitting in a booth with a pair of headphones and speaking into a microphone. Immediate interpretation allows people who speak different languages to conduct meetings and conferences in real time.

Our simultaneous interpreters have at least 7 years of interpreting experience and are assigned to different tasks based on their experience and field of expertise. The booths, headsets, microphones and other equipments needed for the occasion can also be provided according to your requirements.

During consecutive interpreting the speaker stops every 1-5 minutes (usually at the end of every "paragraph" or a complete thought) and the interpreter then steps in to render what was said into the target language.

On top of high language proficiency, consecutive interpreters must possess good memory, public-speaking skills, a professional image, the ability to respond quickly and have excellent note-taking skills if required. PITT's consecutive interpreters can represent your brand and your corporate image in addition to getting the meaning across.

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